We have launched this hotel Nagi in July,
2018, that provides countless refinements and attractions of Kyoto. Besides, we also provide higher-grade trips for our guests.


Arashiyama, the place where is well known for its beautiful scenery in Kyoto.

Nagi is located in an area where we can fully enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, with a lot of world or cultural heritage sites, and is especially popular in Kyoto for tourists.

Now, a petit luxurious hotel where is placed around with the traditionally attractive Kyoto tastes has been opened in Arashiyama where is very accessible to us as a tourist spot where we can feel Kyoto.

We offer the brilliant ambience where you can enjoy Kyoto tastes everywhere in our hotel such as the entrance area surrounded by traditional Japanese garden and the modern cozy Japanese guest rooms etc.

We are very willing to provide a very luxurious time from your daily life by offering our hospitality from the bottom of our hearts in order to make guests' trip in Kyoto a superior one. .

Please enjoy your stay at Nagi where you can get away from a hectic day and have a relaxing time.


17-4 Sagatenryujiwakamiya-Cho, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan, Zip Code 616-8317
TEL:+81 75-863-1515
FAX:+81 75-863-1516