Nagi Kyoto ShijoWe have launched this hotel Nagi in April, 2018, that provides countless refinements and attractions of Kyoto. Besides, we also provide higher-grade trips for our guests.

Kyoto is where we can discover the historical Japanese speciality and the origin of our cultures・・・.
Kyoto is such a lovely place where we can find new discoveries and feel the beauty of the four seasons in Japan
A petit luxurious hotel has been opened in Shijoaburakoji in Kyoto with such refinements in April, 2018.

Deluxe King Room A

Deluxe King Room ARooms Information READ MORE

Deluxe King Room B

Deluxe King Room BRooms Information READ MORE

Point 01The Selected Beddings for a Great Night's Sleep

We supplied the high-end equipment for your sleep to relieve an exhausted body after a trip.
Known as "The king of bed", a super king-sized bed (200cm×200cm) by "Simmons" that has been loved by people all over the world is furnished in all guest rooms.
The furnished quilts in all guest rooms are made of white duck down from France.
In order to stay comfortably in Kyoto, these sleeping items can support a sound sleep.

Point 02the Items to Produce a Relaxing Time

We furnish various items in our guest rooms to support a top quality and comfortable moment.
Our cushions that are a series of "Ojyami" (Ojyami is inspired by a traditional Japanese beanbag toy name in Kyoto dialect) by Rakuchu Takaokaya describing an elegance of Kyoto and a tranquil softness are available.
Its amazing softness can provide a relaxing and peaceful time.
This is the very item to ease your fatigue after traveling.

Point 03Japanese Pottery by Kyoto Craftmanship

The teapots and the tea cups served in "Nagi Kyoto Shijo" are exclusively manufactured by Ninshu Inc.
With the uniqueness of the warm and soft feel of the Japanese pottery, we offer the best relaxing moment for guests.
[History of Ninshu]
Ninnaji temple that is reputed for the Imperial Omuro Cherry Blossoms, associated with imperial family, and the world heritage site.
Ninshu, as an appointment to the present Ninnaji temple of the Imperial Omuro Kiln that is dedicated to Ninnaji temple, has been entitled with honor to inherit a spirit and craftmanship of Kyo-Yaki (Kyo-ware) to the following generations.

Point 04Local Specialty from Kyoto (Green Tea)

Green tea produced by a well-established tea shop "Itohkyuemon" located in the historical city of Uji, Kyoto since Edo period is available for a free room service.
Please take a relaxing and peaceful time for a rest by stretching out your legs after an all day long walk.
Please enjoy the authentic Kyoto tea with plenty of flavor and rich aroma.

Point 05Nespresso "ZENIUS (Genius)"

You can easily make the 10 kind of authentic coffees such as a cup of authentic "Espresso", a regular size of "Lungo", a cup of caffeine-free "Decafenato", and a cup of strong taste "Ristretto" etc. by a single push of the coffee machine's button.

Point 06Fully Kyoto Tasted Breakfast with the Selected Local Ingredients

We offer a Japanese breakfast catered with seasonal ingredients that will make you feel like you are in Kyoto.
*The menu may differ from the picture depending on the season and availability.


Access by Train

  • an eight-minute walk from subway Karasuma line Shijo station or the 24th exit Hankyu Kyoto line Karasuma station
  • a six-minute walk from the 3rd exit of Hankyu Kyoto line Omiya station

Car [Private Car/Taxi]

  • around 25 minutes from Kyotohigashi I.C. Meishin highway
  • around 15 minutes from Kyotominai I.C. Meishin highway
  • around 15 minutes from JR Kyoto St.

Access from the airports

  • from Osaka international airport (Itami)
  • An around 55-minute limousine bus ride takes us to Kyoto station.
    Transfer to the subway Karasuma Line and an eight-minute walk from Shijo station takes us to the hotel
  • from Kansai international airport
    Around an hour and 25 minute ride by limousine bus takes us to Kyoto station.
    Transfer to the subway Karasuma Line and an eight-minute walk from Shijo station takes us to the hotel

※Guests with a car may park at the coin parking slots (a paid service) near to the hotel Nagi.