We have launched this hotel Nagi in April, 2018,
that provides countless refinements and attractions of Kyoto. Besides,
we also provide higher-grade trips for our guests.

Guests will feel the elegant atmosphere of Kyoto by traditionally
beautiful local paths and warm indirect
lighting stands covered with Japanese paper.
We believe that our guests will enjoy
a feeling as if you were in an extraordinary world.

Please enjoy your stay here and have a relaxing time
by indulging in the soft drizzling waterfall
sound and watching those stunning colorful carps swimming in the pool.

Guests are invited by an unusual ambience
just right after passing the traditional cross-barred gate.
Please proceed to the front desk after
fully enjoying a spectacular Kyoto Garden.

The front desk can be seen after passing historical paths of Kyoto.
We also offer spaces at the entrance
area at the first floor of Nagi where guests
can tell various Kyoto tastes.

A different world, namely,
Kyo which is full of majestic ambience is awaiting there after passing the Japanese garden from the traditional cross-barred gate.
Please enjoy a stay in our well designed rooms
where you can feel Kyoto aura even from an indoor space.
We are pleased to invite our guests to the guest-oriented Nagi world.


Kyoto is where we can discover the historical Japanese speciality and the origin of our cultures・・・.

Kyoto is such a lovely place where we can find new discoveries and feel the beauty of the four seasons in Japan.

A petit luxurious hotel has been opened in Shijoaburakoji in Kyoto with such refinements in April, 2018.

We supply 12 guest rooms in a small-sized hotel, however, most of the rooms are very spacious with the area of 43㎡.

Please allow us to immerse you in our place where is placed around with the traditionally attractive Kyoto tastes and you can forget a daily life.

So that you can get away from a hectic day and have a blissful and relaxing time in historic Kyoto.

We are very willing to support guests with our hospitality from the bottom of our hearts in order to make guests’ trip in Kyoto a superior one.

Room Information

Deluxe King Room A

Deluxe King Room B


Nagi Kyoto Shijo Reservation

#557 Fujimoto-Cho, Shijoagaru, Aburakojidori, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto City, Japan 604-8233
[ TEL ] 075-231-1551[ FAX ] 075-231-1552

Access by Train
an eight-minute walk from subway Karasuma line Shijo station
or the 24th exit Hankyu Kyoto line Karasuma station
a six-minute walk from the 3rd exit of Hankyu Kyoto line Omiya station

Car [Private Car/Taxi]
around 25 minutes from Kyotohigashi I.C. Meishin highway
around 15 minutes from Kyotominai I.C. Meishin highway
around 15 minutes from JR Kyoto St.

* Guests with a car may park at the coin parking slots (a paid service) near to the hotel Nagi.